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Greenpeace Delivers a Surprisingly Grim But Touching ‘Handmade’ Vacation Story Concerning the Surroundings

"The handmade present", a vacation movie made by Greenpeace France, made with beautiful method, is kind of chilly from the standpoint stylistic. Regardless of all the pieces, the chilly is just not the true scourge of this story of a little bit French woman who makes a really particular present to guard her beloved teddy bear.

Created by 84. Paris and the director Anna Mantzaris, 90 A second spot misleads the viewers with every kind of icy photos earlier than revealing the true reason for the misery of the tyke:

That's proper, air air pollution – chargeable for 48,000 deaths a yr in France, in response to the report's writer. The woman doesn’t make a shawl to heat her bear, however a masks (fairly pitiful) to stop the little beast from choking below the exhaust, cigarette smoke, industrial smog, and so on. (Possibly she ought to ship it to Florida or Walmart to maintain it?)

Now grimaces may reject this in as manipulative messenger from a pile of snowflakes. And in some methods, they might be proper.

But it is a memorable manipulation of Mantazaris, a Swedish animator who labored on "The Island of Canine" with Wes Anderson. Right here, his attribute fashion – significantly easy however meticulously detailed, on the sting of despair – appears completely tailored to the topic handled.

Within the clip beneath, she describes the inherent "magic". in stop-motion strategies and explains why the viewers finds the strategy so compelling:

Shot in 80 hours on three advanced units utilizing puppets and props made in hand, this animated, although charming, world additionally seems a bit empty and unhappy – a bit just like the annoying city setting that Mantazaris captured in his quick topic praised and gloomy – "Sufficient" .

"What we like in his fashion is the sweetness and fragility of his character's design," Hervé Bienaimé, co-president and inventive director at 84. Paris, tells easymoneylab. "The fashion is minimal however nonetheless conveys a whole lot of depth and innocence. This matches completely with our purpose of touching individuals with out doing an excessive amount of, to be honest however not naive. "

With" A Handmade Reward ", the group" wished to make use of a brand new aesthetic and storytelling for the NGO, Christmas Story, to succeed in a brand new viewers, extra family-oriented and extra younger, "says Olivier Bienaimé, brother of Hervé, who can also be co-president of the company / cd.

As for the cynics, he desires them to know that "city air pollution and air air pollution on the whole issues everybody. The ailments associated to this scourge usually are not within the coloration of the pores and skin or the political coloration, they have an effect on completely everybody. Sadly, it’s inconceivable to behave alone. That's why Greenpeace is right here to assist and lift the voice of residents and put strain on politicians who’ve the means to alter issues. "


Model: Greenpeace France
Model administration: Clément Schmitt, Cécile Genot, Ghislain Gardarin
Company: 84.Paris
Inventive Administrators: Olivier Bienaimé, Hervé Bienaimé
Strategic Planners: Nicolas Camillini, Lucie Dominique
Artwork Director: Léo Sattin
Copywriter: Julien Sipra
Manufacturing Studio 84.Paris: Martin Dhote, Jérémy Godineau
Company Administration: Arnaud Depaul, Gwenaëlle Argat, Shirley Halimi
Company Producers: Mickael Ligier, Pierre Otmanine, Milena Tarriere
Director: Anna Mantzaris
Music: Consideration O Canine
Manufacturing Studios: Animation Workshops, Yamination
Media: Movie
Digital Media: Massive Display on the Paris Christmas Market


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